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Speech Therapy

Ever felt like you can't express yourself?  This is a feeling that some individuals feel every day - possibly every moment. If you or a loved one has speech and sensory communication impediments, you can relate to this.

However, such conditions shouldn't stop anyone from living full lives.  Speech Therapy offers solutions and treatments that alleviate communication deficiencies.

Speech Therapists provide training through swallowing exercises, articulation drills and voice modulation techniques.  There are also cognition development exercises that benefit developmentally disabled clients.

Generally, these are the conditions which can be treated with speech therapy: lisp, Tourette syndrome, cerebral palsy, swallowing difficulties, dyslexia, reading and comprehension difficulties, cognitive deficiencies, voice disorders, involuntary stuttering, hearing impairments, and language delays.

Would you like your child or family member to be evaluated by a speech therapist?  Please set an appointment online.